Because a fruit can be good, because a vegetable can be good, because the world is full of passionate producers of fruit and vegetables, because the consumer has the right to eat well and healthy.

I committed myself by taking PROFEX Bordeaux through a policy focused on the high-end aspect, and with the powerful ambition to raise the trade up.

PROFEX growth is based on strong values :
products – customers – network.Because a fruit enjoying an exceptional aroma’s merits will please all the tastebuds, because a vegetable enjoying a unique taste quality will be consumed, my collaborators and I are engaged in the sophistication of our products and services .

Thereby, we are always looking for regional products , farmers, product flavor.

By our innovative and involved approach and commitment we are able to attract the best producers as partners both in France and internationally.

Our standing resolutely turned towards excellence, induced an effective advantage in terms of product quality, innovation, security supply, and profitability to our customers, both retailers, semi-wholesalers, wholesalers, restaurateurs, caterers, and grocers.

The “Excellence of Flavors” as we strive to develop in PROFEX through continuous improvement of our range, does not stop us, on the contrary, we stay close to the customer.

We regularly develop solutions in terms of both services (specific purchases) than marketing (brand development), that product quality (specifications) that purchases and administrative services.

The skills of PROFEX’s women and men and their perfect knowledge over Fruit and Vegetables will help us to remain faithful with our development strategy and provide our customers with high-end products and excellent service.

Jean-Hugues BELLAND
President of the PROFEX Group